Need advise

My husband and I will be received into the Catholic Church with a validation (blessing) of our marriage, 1st communion and confirmation, during a Sunday Mass. How should I dress for this? Is a nice dress or suit ok? Would it be appropriate to wear a chapel veil for this? Our parish generally dresses casually. Thanks for any advise you can offer.

1- Congratulations!

2- I have seen women in similar situations in tea-length dresses.

sounds very nice, suit is always appropriate, or a nice dress you can wear again appropriate for the time of day, and for whatever celebration you may be planning afterward. It would be very nice for your parish to have a gentle reminder of how we all should dress when appearing before our Lord and King. Yes a hat, chapel veil, flowers, or any head covering you like with your outfit would be very nice.

Welcome home, you will be showered with graces from these sacraments–what a wedding present!

I think it would be entirely appropriate to wear a chapel veil–mantilla–at any service you attend.

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