Need an opinion on gaming

I am 31 and my nights consist of school work, both mine and my 2 daughters, and about 1.5hrs of gaming on my 360, either playing games like Guitar Hero or just about anything I can play with friends that live many hours from me, after the girls go to bed. I am a single dad so no worries of ignoring anyone else, besides my girls. I am also trying to make it a point to read the bible or something spiritual before going to bed for the night.

For some reason, lately, I feel like I need to be giving up gaming. Maybe, getting to old for it? It’s hard though considering it is how I stay in touch with some good friends of mine that live to far away to see regularly.

I am curious of the opinions of others on this forum. Am I being to materialistic? Or maybe I am just over thinking things.

I’m not a fan of gaming just because I think it’s terribly unproductive and can be addicting. But I don’t think it’s necessarily excessive or wrong to play a game for a hour and a half as long as you don’t have any other pressing obligations at the time - especially if it’s a social activity as well. To paraphrase Aristotle, “We work in order to be at leisure.” In general, there is nothing wrong with some otherwise unproductive leisurely activities.

But if you feel like it is time to stop, perhaps it is. Maybe cut back on the gaming. Once a week instead of every day? Start keeping in touch with friends other ways as well?

Just some thoughts…:slight_smile:

Well I can understand someone who can get tired of gaming and as a gamer myself, I think it’s fine if you want to give it up. However, you’re not being too materialistic either if your reason for not wanting to give up is because of your friends. Friendship is a valuable thing for sure and it’s certainly much more worth than anything material.

I simply suggest you tell your friends if there was some other way to get in touch with you. (AIM or mere e-mail perhaps?)

I agree with the responses you’ve already been given.

My one question would be, What makes you think you should stop? If it’s just scrupulosity, that’s one thing. But is it possible that gaming has a hold on you that you want to be rid of? Sometimes we find ourselves doing things that (for whatever reason) we wish we could stop or cut back on, but we can’t tear ourselves away.

I just offer that as a possibility, in case your spirit is trying to tell you something.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with gaming as long as it is not negatively affecting your more important obligations (aka God, family, career, health, etc.).

However if you are addicted, then it definitely can be a problem. I was off and on addicted to WoW for 2 years and it pretty much led me to ignore everyone else in my life. I still had a blast playing it, don’t get me wrong, and sometimes I honestly miss it, but I have much more important obligations now and I don’t have the time to play. I do still play things on consoles and PC occasionally, but only when I really have nothing else better to do (which is pretty rare these days). Plus I have found my new passion, movies. Video games were my passion for the first 20 years of my life, but not so much anymore.

So really just ask yourself how your gaming is affecting your life. It it is having a negative impact on other areas of your life, then you should definitely consider either quitting or toning it down a bit (like only playing every other night or 2 nights a week or something like that). However if it is not negatively affecting the rest of your life and you do truly enjoy gaming (and honestly, what’s the point of gaming if you don’t enjoy it?) then I see no reason why you should quit.

I game because I hate TV (w/ the exception of a very few shows.). I am a night person, so going to bed earlier is out of the question. I am almost certain I have ADD, at least in the sense that I loose interest in even the most interesting things rather quick. I read, until I get bored. Do what school work I must. Gaming tends to be the filler between the time my kids go to bed and the time I go to bed. My girls don’t get to play games during the week and only for a short time on the weekends.

So I guess, it may just be scrupulosity. It is good to talk it out though. I have of late been trying to examine my life more in an effort to remove what is not good for me.

So thanks for your responses. It helps.

If you can identify the evening gaming as scrupulosity, and that is mostly what it is, then you’ve already made the most important step in consciously choosing the best way to use your evening time. If you didn’t have to work in the day, how would you want to spend your time in the best way possible for you and your girls? Maybe there are some activities, or hobbies that you could replace gaming with a few nights a week.

Don’t feel bad. I am 30, and my wife is 31. We have 5 children. She plays video games more than I do since she is a SAHM, and I don’t mean Pac-Man. We have the following games in our home which get regular play by us, some of them almost daily:

Call of Duty: World at War (yes, we’re online as DarkQueen77)
Kingdom Hearts I and II
Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core, X, X-2, XII
Worms (remade for Hi-Def)
Guitar Hero III:Legends, World Tour, and Metallica (Ride the Lightning)

“I don’t want to grow up, because if I did, I wouldn’t be a Toys-R-Us kid.”
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Heh…that’s probably going to be me down the road. I once had a dream about forming a “Rock Band” band with DH our future kids. :o

Nope, I don’t see that you’re doing anything wrong. If it’s more than a few hours, then it becomes a problem. Maybe when the wee ones get bigger, you can try playing RockBand with them.

Go for it, give it up.

Do anything. Spend some time in prayer and listening to what the Lord is saying.

It doesn’t matter if you have ADD, just putter around the house randomly for the 1.5 hours and you will put things in better order around your place and spot other things/motivations while you’re at it.

I don’t think his issue is with obsession. I think it’s still more of an issue with being in touch with the good friends he met there.

To the original OP: So, have you discussed this with your gamer buddies?

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