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I’m 19 this year. I have loved this guy when i was 14. Sadly, he had to study abroad the following year. We grew apart after that. There was a time when i had a crush and he found out. Since then, i believe he thought i didn’t love him anymore. Truth is, i could bring myself to love anyone the way i have loved him. The crush i had was just a short confusing period. I regretted to much for not treasuring him. Now that i know i might have lost him for good, i feel depress and wish so much he could still love me and give me a chance to show him how much i trully love him. I have been praying and pouring out my feelings to God. Please pray for us as well. I believe prayers work miracles. Thank you so much and may God bless you all.


I will pray for you.
A first attraction can seem very special. I ask God to help you to find happiness and love and peace. You have a good faithful heart. I ask God to give you faithful love love in return. I ask Him to give you the man who will love you genuinely and help you both grow into the person and the best couple you can be. If it is this man then I ask God to help you get together wisely and faithfully.
Please take good care of yourself


Prayers for you to have a second chance with your dream crush…May God guide both of you in the right direction and heap many blessings and love upon you…In Jesus Name We Pray…Amen…Warmly, LynneMarie


You are very young. I once was was as young as you and felt the same way about someone. However, a first love isn’t always the right timing for God. Keep praying, and I will pray for you. It is possible that this young man has moved away for a reason only known to God and perhaps it is the best thing. God knows all, sees all. Leave it in God’s hands.

Praying for you,


I will pray that you will truly discover if this young man was a true crush or not.


Praying very hard for you to find true love!


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