Need another type of meat, sick of same-old


Can’t there be a new meat introduced to the market?

same old rut, chicken, beef, chicken, fish, chicken, pork, chicken, lamb chop, chicken, fish, turkey, tuna, ham, chicken, ground beef.

tried cabrito – no way, even chewier and greasier than lamb

shellfish is out–allergies,

need a new meat, even varying with occasional soy analogs (which I am really not supposed to do) gets old.


Have you ever tried duck? I’ve heard it’s quite tasty! Never tried any myself though, so I can’t say for sure :shrug:


I love duck, although there’s not a great deal of meat on one, and a whoooooolllllllle lotta fat. Occasionally it’s not bad though.

Goose is good too, same problem as duck with the fat, but not as much fat.

Maybe you’re just tired of meat altogether Annie. Go vegetarian for a while, then chicken will be a whole lot better. :wink: Portabello mushrooms are a nice substitute for meat, you can grill them or make pizzas out of them.

A good butcher would have venison probably. I’ve only had venison in sausage though, can’t speak for how good it is. My husband says there’s a specialty meat mkt around here that sells lion meat. I haven’t rushed out for that one yet though…


Hey, you live in Texas. There ought to be a great variety of roadkill. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


Buffalo? Vennison? (I don’t even know if I’m spelling those right, that’s how much I know what I’m talking about).


Hey, you live in Southern Texas…so cabeza and lengua should be widely used and available…if you can stomach them is another matter.


I go through those phases too… and each time after awhile I realize it’s not the meat itself, but my lack of creativity in cooking, lol. Once I find a new way to prepare the old favorites I am good again:)


Hey, at least you guys don’t have my germaphobic inability to touch raw meat. I end up scouring my entire kitchen after cutting chicken on a cutting board.


I had alligator when I was in New Orleans… is this an option for you? How about rattlesnake?


Try having some meat free nights. Bean and egg burritos, pizza margherita, brushcetta for dinner, eggplant parmesan. Yesterday I had a salad topped with brown rice and it was great. If you are sick of meat, then don’t eat it. (and I am NOT a vegetarian)


Don’t ask me how I know this, but fried turtle tastes just like fried chicken…:whistle:


Two words for you, Annie–

EL CHUPACABRA!!! :smiley:


Buffalo, venison, alligator, turtle, duck, goose, rattlesnake, sausage…hum, how about deer meat? Or you could just stick with chicken, beef, fish, pork, lamb chop, turkey, tuna, ham, ground beef.:smiley: I haven’t had alligator or goose (but I’ve had goose eggs), but everything else mentioned was good. I really like deer meat sloppy joe’s. yum


venison chilli is the bomb!!!


Bear pepperoni tastes just like regular pepperoni.

Rabbit … sort of tastes like a gamier chicken.

Have not had nutria, snake or horse meat.

Alligator is suppose to be pretty distinctive.

Squirrel … not much meat.

And there are some large African “species” of … “rodent” … that are staples.


I really love ostrich meat myself.

But to be honest, most of these meats taste like other meats. Venison, ostrich and buffalo are all comparable to beef, for instance. I also like pheasant, but that is comparable to chicken. They are not exactly the same but pretty close.

I think what you need is new WAYS to cook the beef, and also some breaks from meat. How about something yummy using things like barley, lentils, quinoa, beans, nuts, couscous, pasta etc - those are filling things, and lentils, quinoa and beans have lots of protein!

Go to some cooking websites and look up new and interesting ways to prepare meat, or some vegetarian websites. They often have fantastic ways to make veggies and grains that are tasty, unique and healthy.

I’m Italian so one of my ‘staples’ is to saute some vegetables with olive oil, garlic and onion and toss them with pasta. You can get creative with that (eggplant is one of my faves) and it’s easy to make.

A recipe I made up on the fly that I really enjoyed was stuffed bell peppers with couscous, golden raisins and some other veggies.

One of my favorite meat recipes is Pizziola (Italian meat loaf) which is mixing ground beef (or ostrich, venison, etc) with oregano, parmasan cheese, onion and an egg, putting it in a square pan, and topping it with onion slices, fresh tomato slices and more parmesan cheese and baking it until it is done.
Ask you friends, or go to cooking sites for ideas :slight_smile: Maybe try something from an ethnicity you usually don’t cook with that has interesting spices or flavor combinations. Things like curry, cinnamon, cardamom, sumac…found in Indian and Middle Eastern foods can make a really interesting dish. I also love thai food (lots of spicy chili, lemongrass, curry, etc).

Sorry, I love food and cooking, as if you couldn’t see :slight_smile:


Have you tried bison? It’s a red meat, similar to beef, but leaner and with a slightly different flavor (still good). If you can get venison, that’s another good and tasty option. As for fish, maybe try tilapia, mahi mahi, or salmon. I can usually find prices on those that don’t make me :eek: . Halibut is expensive but delicious and a nice treat.

Or like others have suggested, start exploring vegetarian options. You could do split pea or bean soups with lots of veggies added, and use meat broths as the base (or toss in a ham bone) for more flavor. You could also bake up a broccoli and egg quiche, roll up some seasoned black beans in corn tortillas and top with enchilada sauce for baked enchiladas, or make a vegetarian chili with a few different kinds of beans. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried falafel- my absolute favorite at Lebanese restaurants (savory spiced patties made of ground legumes and baked or fried)- but you can sometimes find mixes to make these at home. A couple of those in a whole-wheat pita with some cucumber and hummous or yogurt would be great for a light summer meal.


A friend of mine, now long retired, used to raise beefalo.

Said it put weight on faster, higher conversion rate of feed to meat, less cholesterol, sweeter taste.


and lets not forget quail, rock cornish hens and pheasant. all delicious.


Everyone has already posted the choices I would have put down: buffalo and ostrich. Both are more expensive than beef but have the advantage of lower fat (cholesterol) content. A friend of mine invited me to dinner when I dropped him off at home one evening. We had rabbit. Oddly enough one of the priests at the parish where I grew up raised rabbits in the back yard of the rectory.


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