Need apolotetics links against sedevacantism and SSPX

Please pray for me, I am struggling with my Faith now…

Does anyone have good links for apologetics against sedevacantism and the SSPX in a very thorough way that is loyal to the Pope?

  1. Also why did the Tridentine Mass change shortly after Vatican II?

  2. Since Vatican II was a pastoral council, does that mean that it can’t teach heresy?

I have at least some information for you.

[quote=The Holy Father Pope Paul VI]As We said on another occasion, we shall do well to take into account the motives for this grave change. The first is obedience to the Council. That obedience now implies obedience to the Bishops, who interpret the Council’s prescription and put them into practice … The other reason for the reform is this renewal of prayer. It is aimed at associating the assembly of the faithful more closely and more effectively with the official rite, that of the Word and that of the Eucharistic Sacrifice, that constitutes the Mass. For the faithful are also invested with the “royal priesthood”; that is, they are qualified to have supernatural conversation with God.

You can read more here:



Also, if I can just give you my hearty encouragement to simply do your best to ignore the sedevacantists and those who are sympathetic to the SSPX.

Forgive me, but they present an “authentic” Catholicism that is like a mirage, and that does nothing other than cause a person to chase shadows, and that only drives a wedge between that person and the Magisterium.

The best apologetic against them is to trust the Church and those whom Christ has entrusted His Church to. Trust is the antithesis of these groups, who seek to cultivate doubt and to sow discord and confusion. If you find yourself struggling, you are experiencing the spiritual attack these groups are a channel for.

It is our obligation to give full internal assent of intellect and will to everything the Second Vatican Council taught, even if it did not pronounce any new Dogmas, and even if parts of it are not infallible.

The absolute most that can be done is to follow the likes of Michael Davies, who himself felt challenged by certain teachings, but who left them alone, saying that he can’t figure out how to reconcile those teachings with Tradition, but he won’t say that there is no way.

But I would encourage you not to go there. It is not our job to interpret Tradition for the Church. It is not our role to analyze Church teaching and correct it. The SSPX are not the Magisterium, try as they might to, forgive me, pretend they are, at least by their actions.

Trust the Church. Trust the Holy Spirit. Trust the Magisterium.

Leave those who cultivate doubt alone, and don’t cast your pearls before swine.

Check out Vatican 1’s declaration on the office of Peter.

Just click on the Session 4 link and scroll down. Also, use your find feature when you get to that section and look for the word ‘anathema’. Those sections helped me a lot.

You can find a lot of very good apologetics information right here on the Catholic Answers main site.

Popes have made changes to the Mass many times over the centuries. Pope Paul VI’s changes of 1970 are not as radical as schismatics would have you believe. They are the radicals, not Paul VI or John Paul II.

Catholics believe that the Church cannot teach heresy, because she is protected by the Holy Spirit. How could Christ’s Church survive 2000 years of human hostility without such protection?

There is very certainly nothing heretical in the documents of Vatican II. We can disagree over a particular phrasing or a word or two without talking about heresy.

We always need to remember that schismatics who openly rebel against the the Church are themselves the ones in grave error. In particular, Archbishop Lefebvre of the SSPX was an active participant in the Second Vatican Council. His difficulties with the Church stemmed not from doctrine but from conflicts with his fellow French bishops. He may have been mistreated by his bishops but this did not justify his disobedience. The Church stands ready to welcome the SSPX priests back like Prodigal Sons.

Excellent response.
The doubt you have should be put to rest when you gaze upon the Blessed Sacrament in the Monstrance. Christ has never left His Church. Be at peace. I’ll pray for you.

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