Need assistance clarifying / correcting or updating 19th century writing


The quote below was given to me.with the Prompta Bibliotheca Canonica, Juridica, Moralis, Theologica, Necnon scetica, Polemica, Nubricistica, Hstorica identified as the source at Vol VI pps25 - 29 (published in the 1850’s):

“The Pope is crowned with a triple crown, as king of heaven and of earth and of the lower regions. Moreover the superiority and the power of the Roman Pontiff by no means pertains only to earthly things, but even over angels than whom he is greater…if angels err in the faith, or think contrary to the faith, they could be judged and excommunicated by the Pope, for he is so great dignity and power that he forms one and the same tribunal with Christ.

Until now all I could find on the book is at this link:

Obviously Protestants have difficulty (at least) with the king of Heaven and earth… reference.

Can anyone identify a source that comments on this reference that adds clarity to what was/is meant? Or later writings that supercede the statement?

Thank you in advance for whatever light you can shed on the matter.


I’m interested in the answers to your post. I can’t see how the Pope has power over the angels. Also the angels already made a choice and those in heaven cannot err in faith.


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