Need audio book ideas

Need suggested titles for audio books to get my 93-year-old mother. Secural and spiritual. Inspirational or cheerful.
Health is pretty good, but her infirmities have got her down a little bit.

Thanks in advance.

TAN Books has a couple of good ones.

The Life of Mary as seen by the Mystics Colleen Hammond

The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ Anne Katherine Emmerich

The Story of a Soul St. Therese of Liseaux

Other books include

The Chronicles of Narnia (all seven) by C.S. Lewis

Paradise Lost & Paradise Found John Milton

Inferno Dante

That should keep her happy for a while! :slight_smile:

Check out your local library. Most now have a complete library of books available as mp3 files and other types as well. Easy to download to an mp3 player and they’re free. Plus you can browse the whole library to find titles you think your mother might like. Or you can even have her browse with you. Also some libraries have a player you can check out to listen to the mp3’s on too.

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