Need: basic small book on NFP


Before we were catholic we were using condoms and now we are convince of NFP (natural family planning).
My wife is originally from India, and we are looking for a good basic book and introduction on NFP and how it works.
This book must not be that long (like 100 pages) and it must not be to technical.
Does anyone knows or recommend a book(s) for us ?


I see that you are in RCIA. I recommend that you first discuss this with your priest so that you understand moral implication of using NFP. It is not meant to be used without serious discernment.

Second if your situation justifies using NFP, you don't want to read the "cliff notes" version. Otherwise you may be back here posting on how it didn't "work" for you. NFP is supposed to be open to the possibility of life (even if the chances are drastically reduced) so I cringe every time folks say it failed. Either the couple fails to follow the method or uses the wrong method or the other possibility is that God wanted them to have a child.

If the issue is that your wife has english as a second language, you could be the one to read the more robust materials while she reads the shorter books. You may need to take a more active role in reading the charts etc...which is not a bad thing(assuming you qualify for using NFP in the first place).

#3 has many resources on natural family planning-- from small brochures to detailed books. You aren't clear on why you want a small, non-technical book.

I certainly hope you do not plan to attempt to learn NFP from such a resource.

I really urge you to contact your Family Life office in your parish or diocese and get an instructor. NFP is not hard to learn, but there are some technical aspects to it. If you are going to learn form a book or home study course, it is going to have to be technical. I suggest you learn from an instructor.

Now, if you are just looking for a simple book on NFP to help explain it to others, that is different.



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