Need Bible references for the Mass

I do not know much about verses that mention/predict the Mass. I know of Malachi chapter 1 that mentions it. Do any others? Thanks Jay

Here’s a link to Scripture Catholic. Everything you need to

[quote=Fidelis]Here’s a link to Scripture Catholic. Everything you need to

Thanks Fidelis, exactly what I needed.

If you are interested in showing that the prayers of the Mass are themselves biblical, you might be interested in Fr. Peter Stravinskas’s book The Catholic Church and the Bible which is published by Ignatius Press. In this book Father shows how not only in the Mass is the “general theolgical thrust is scriptural but the very words themselves.” He covers the entire Mass and the four standard eucharistic prayers. This book came out in 1987, but it is probably available from This book proves without a doubt that the Mass is a biblical prayer.

The Catholic Church and the Bible by Fr. Peter Stravinskas incorporates his earlier pamphlet on the biblical origins and basis of the Mass, it is available from Our Sunday Visitor.I am not home so I can’t get the info right now.

The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn relates the book of Revelation to the Mass as an earthly reflection of the eternal heavenly praise of God.

Sorry for the late reply, but this is what all the Early Church Fathers related the book of Revelation too as well. Dr Hahn, through studying the Fathers, just relates what they said about Revelation to us. Saint Augustine is one of those people who held this view.

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