Need "Catholic and Same-Sex-Attracted" Resources

My SIL knows a guy who was recently “engaged” to his same-sex significant other, but has also recently shown an interest in the Catholic Faith.

She wants to give him a catechism so he knows what to expect at RCIA (if he decides to go) and wants to point him to the sections on homosexuality and chastity. She also asked me if there are any good books/resources for people with same-sex-attraction who want to be Catholic…or just good resources in general.

Any and all resources are greatly appreciated (but I’d not expect him to read the Wednesday Audiences of JPII’s “Man and Woman He Created Them” just yet :wink: ).

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Third this.

There are also a few Catholic writers with SSA. One I’ve seen is Eve Tushnet, and she’s even written a book.

It’s not a resource per se but a blog by a celibate SSA Catholic man: Blog link

Many Resources here

Resources for Defending Marriage as One Man and One Woman

The following CD is really good, scroll down in link above.

**From Love, By Love, For Love
Lighthouse CD by Fr. Michael Schmitz

[FONT=&quot]The talk is aimed at colle[FONT=&quot]ge a[FONT=&quot]ge stu[FONT=&quot]dents and talks about sexuality overall, but a special fo[FONT=&quot]cus on same sex attraction.


Thanks for the great resources everyone! I will pass these along!


Here’s an excellent blog by a faith homosexual:

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