Need computer help to print EWTN schedules

I would be grateful if somebody can tell me how to print EWTN TV schedules (I watch online, not on TV) without all the background color.

I can manage to copy and paste into Word, but I cannot figure out how to remove all the background color and it is SUCH a waste of ink, that I end up not doing it, and often missing programs. I thought I had done it, but when it printed, it still had all the color.

I tried their download thing and it is the same. I don’t know why they don’t have a simple
printable version.

Thank you.

Try this:

After downloading the excel version of the schedule from the site (i.e.

1.Highlight the schedule with your mouse
2. Right click on the highlighted stuff
3. Select Format Cells
4. Select the “Fill” Tab
5. Click “No Color”
6. Click “okay”
7. Then print

Maybe that will work. I just tried it, and it seemed to work fine. Well, Saturday got cut off, but that should be easier to fix (maybe print in landscape?).

Thank you so much for responding!

I didn’t use that same download because it’s only the generic one (I think)
and I wanted the individual weeks because they have more detailed information.
So I pasted it into Word again-- but now that I know to look for “Fill” – I can do it.

I am going to eventually write to EWTN, though, the way they present their schedules are not very user friendly. The generic ones are almost useless.

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