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Last week I posted in the Liturgy and Sacraments forum that the new leader of our children’s liturgy of the word had made some changes such as the kids staying out for the entire mass so they can do crafts. When I brought up with her and another parent-volunteer that I was quite certain this went against church direction, I was met with resistance. Our pastor knows this is wrong but was basically strong-armed according to him. I printed info from the web with the exact directions from the Church and gave it to him today and he was so thankful. Well another mother asked me today why I had such an issue with this and I explained that it’s not customary to make up our own rules and that if the Church speaks, we need to listen. Anyway, it was brought to my attention today by a person I know who does not go to Church or have young children that she has heard I was causing problems at the Church and that I’m unreasonable and that I basically had a big mouth. This person asked me what the big deal was and that I should just drop it as it made her uncomfortable to hear people bad-mouth me. I live in a small town and apparently this is big news. I have decided for the sake of my children to just go to a different mass and drop the issue and let Father decide to do what he wants. I just had to post on this forum because it’s the only place I come into contact with faithful Catholics. Thanks for listening.


Ouch. If it’s any consolation, I think you did the right thing. But it must be so frustrating to be a target for gossip when you were just trying to help. :frowning:


You did what was right so don’t let it bother you. We had a priest who told us if you plan to be Catholic then you should be prepared to “look good on wood” Being Catholic is not about being the good guy all the time and yes it is necessary to speak up when you see an abuse.


Well, I guess it was big of your priest to admit that he was strong-armed; but it would be better still if he would stand up to those who strong-armed him.

I’d say pray for your priest, and pray for those who do not understand why the children need to return to mass. I hate to see you attend a different mass though.

Could you request that your child be sent back to you at the appropriate time? Or step out to retrieve him/her? That way you’re not “making waves” by saying anything to anyone; but you are setting an example for the other parents.

Forget the gossip. And the next time the friend who let you know about the gossip feels the need to keep you informed- tell her that you appreciate her good intentions but that you prefer not to be notified of anything that anyone else says about you.

That’s one of my biggest pet peeves- people who feel compelled to tell people what other people have said about them. I’m not sure how they figure that’s helpful???:wink:


you are absolutely behaving properly. Its easy to say from here, and tough when it happens to you, but it really is a blessing to be prosecuted/yelled at because of your faith. Your faith is telling you something that is right and everyone else just wants to do what they want.


As a fellow “big mouth” you are in my prayers. :gopray: Your gift of speaking out is something the Holy Spirit gave you. We must use our gift with the utmost discernment. It sounds like you did.

As long as your filter in your brain was engaged before you spoke, then there is no problem. I am sorry someone in your parish ridiculed your concerns. I am sorry you have been bad-mouthed. Those of us who talk a lot can sometimes rub people the wrong way. Don’t give up and don’t be silenced. Pray for those who persecute you.


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