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Hello, I could use some advice about my faith. I consider myself Catholic but I have been worrying wither or not I qualify to be considered a practicing Catholic. I am 22 and was raised by parents who had little to no interest in religion. Prayer is very important to me and I pray at a minimum of once a day. But I rarely ever attend church, part of it is that is due to the fact that I have been diagnosed with Aspergers disorder and have difficulty interacting with people and have a fear of driving (even though I have a License). I hold all the distinct beliefs of Catholicism but I never received the sacrament of Confirmation and miss church. I strongly believe in god and my favorite books to read are C.S Lewis books and I frequently read the Bible. I wish to know if strong faith is enough to be a Catholic or if works/ action is necessary.

Thank you for reading this, any advice would be very appreciated.



You must regularly receive the Sacraments to be considered a practicing Catholic.


I forgot to ask…

Have you received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confession, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation?


G’day Scholar73
Dempsey is right to be a practising Catholic you need to attend mass at least every sunday if you can and be a regular attender to the other sacremants. If you cannot get to Mass then ask the priest or special minister to come to you. I will pray for you and I hope this is of some help to you. May God’s peace and joy fill you cheers, geoff. Works and actions are part of any Christian living not to earn salvation but because of salvation for salvation brings a great love of God’s creation.


I think if prayer was important to you you would pray more than a minimum of once a day…

Psalm 119:164: Seven times a day I praise you because your edicts are just.


Thank you everyone. I suppose for the time being I shall consider my self simply a Christian and continue to better myself and try to become a Catholic. I have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confession, and First Holy Communion. I am aware I am wrong in my train of thought that faith being enough and good works/ actions being secondary, but I would like to point out a few Bible passages that led me to the belief that faith makes the Christian:: 2 Chronicles 20:20, Matthew 7:22-23 , Luke 18:10-14, John 3:16, Acts 16:31.

Thanks again every one


IMHO, I really don’t think it’s approriate to judge somebody by the amount of time they spend in prayer, especially when this person actually has the faith to pray daily and so few people today even pray at all. Prayer should be encouraged, if you believe once a day is not enough, say so positively, explain why you pray 7 times a day. You do, don’t you?

And Scholar73, I am very glad to hear that you consider yourself to hold Catholic beliefs. Considering yourself a Christian is good, but to be a true disciple of Christ, he has established one Church for us all. If you do not like to drive often, get a ride to mass or find a parish close enough to walk to. Above all else, talk to a priest. He will understand your situation, and help you find a path to God. We are all called to his holy Catholic Church, answer the call. God bless you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Cominghome89 - I do agree with you, thanks. My zeal got a bit out of control. And yes, I do pray at least 7 times a day…wouldn’t I be such a hypocrite if I didn’t? :slight_smile: And FWIW, I don’t believe in praying only 7 times a day…I believe that we are called to pray “without ceasing” Ephesians 6:18-20 says it all.


Every thought, every word, every action should praise God, and I completely agree with you, there is no limit to prayer and its benefits. I was merely trying to be more encouraging and positive, especially to a possible convert to the one true Church :slight_smile:


Talk with your pastor about your problem and if you can walk to church or get a parishoner to take you to Mass and back home that would be great. Don’t let your illness rob you of the sacraments and the Holy Mass. Illness can be crippling, yes, but it also can be the door to a more holy and deeper relationship with the Lord and it most definitely is your pathway to sanctity. Tell the Lord, “Lord I don’t like being around people but we are all one family in You. Help me to grow in this painful situation to be the child of God you want me to be, unafraid to be with You and my family and willing to suffer anything to be with You in our Church home.” Praying to Jesus to help you with the pain you feel around people and talking with the pastor at your church should help your situation out.


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