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Does anyone else feel the need for a new category here on CAF…In particular with regards to the World News category…most of this category…probably around 90% has nothing to do with “world news” but is centered on mainly political issues here in the US…and we are constantly being harangued by a few posters with their own political biases…for weeks now there have been a few posters dredging up any little piece of “news” they can find about their political opponents on this coronavirus…dozens of posts…some of us I’m sure would like to expand our horizons on World News which doesn’t involve politics and political biases here in the US…maybe a new category called “International News”…or “US News” in place of world news…maybe posters from other countries ( and some here in the US ) might like to comment if they think “world news” has been hijacked by certain political posters here in the US.


Any clue what percentage of users who post in world news are in the US? I would venture a guess that its up there close to 90%

Anyone can start a thread on most any topic - although this one might be more properly placed in “Feedback”. I think it would be very healthy of more posters started topics with a wider and more balanced array of sources.

There should just be a political discussion category, and restrict political discussion from the news category.

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As a non-American who’s been here since 2006, I’d have to say that it’s always been an overwhelmingly American Politics section and that’s probably inevitable.

What appears to have changed, is that the whims and day-to-day comments of far-right commentators are what now count as news. So it ends up with a small group of contributors doing: “Oh, yes it is!/Oh, no it isn’t!” and a lot of squirrel spotting.


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