Need for a Spiritual Director


Why would a person feel the need for a Spritual Director; and where would one find a Spiritual Director?:confused:


Sometimes the need comes from requirements placed on a person in a particular situation. I was required to be in spiritual direction when I was in formation for ordination.

But sometimes it comes from one wanting to go deeper. Think of the spiritual director as a guide in unfamiliar territory. You go off exploring a little, and then you come back and discuss what you saw with someone who has walked through that territory before. He helps you to make sense of it. Then he gives you some ideas for new places to explore.

To find a spiritual director, see if there is a monastery in your area. Most monasteries have monks or nuns who will serve as Spiritual Directors. Failing that, check with your Diocese. They probably have an office that helps people to find a Spiritual Director. My diocese maintains two “Spirituality Centers” that serve this purpose.

Not all priests are prepared to serve as Spiritual Directors.

When you find a SD, you should be prepared to give an honorarium for the time you spent in direction. Twenty to sixty dollars per session is common. (I know that this is a fairly large range.)



Those serious on the continuous development of a deep spiritual life realise that a time comes when we understand that we can no longer act as our own teacher!


I am part of a formation process that encourages each disciple to acquire a spiritual director at some point during the formation.

The SD does not have to be a member of the clergy (mine isn’t), but does need to properly understand the duties of spiritual direction.


A book recommendation to answer your questions:

Seeking Spiritual Direction: How to Grow the Divine Life Within


Thank you Beckycmarie for the title of the book. I think that is a good place to begin.

I also thank everyone who has responded with excellent comments and suggestions.:heaven:


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