Need good overview of Catholicism (1-2pg.) for Elementary Students

I am looking for a good overview of Catholicism (1-2 pages, I know that is impossible to fit everything in) to give to non-Catholic Christian elementary school students. I work at a church and students from a Christian school in the city are coming here to learn about Catholicism. It would be great to give them each a hand out to take with them but all I have is a Youth Update from 1988. It is not bad but if anyone knows of anything better could you please post a link. Thanks!

Contact Catholic Answers and see if you can get some “Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth” tracts. No… don’t give them to the little kids but rather go through them to develop a little program (powerpoint for them). It’s a great summary and it has links to Bible verses. But you might pass them out to their parents / sponsors.

For example you could start with the Four Marks of the True Church - That Church must be one, holy, catholic and apostolic. You can do a high level on why we believe that is our Church.

Then do a high level on the sacraments, mentioning all 7 quickly. I would say to be SURE to cover Scripture and Tradition, that we were following Tradition before the Council decided on the 27 books of the NT and that the Bible and the CCC can’t contradict each other. Be sure to cover at a high level that we don’t worship anyone but God. However we believe, as Christ told the Good Thief “tonight you will be with me in paradise” and we see in Revelation the Saint’s offering prayers up in Heaven, that those who died in Christ can pray for us to God, just like we ask our friends to pray for us. Worship is due ONLY to God, we just believe, like the early Christians did as well, that we can ask our friends in heaven to pray for us as well.

As you probably won’t have much time I would work on figuring out an easy way to explain John Chapter 6. If these are young Protestants then they will have been told the Bible is what to base everything off of, so do that. Talk about many disciples leaving because they didn’t understand. Pose a question about the OT passover… you can bring up that at passover the Jewish people thanked God for their deliverance from Egypt, mention that they sacrificed their best lamb and then mention the verse (I don’t have it handy) that they ate the lamb as God instructed. They will have heard that Christ is both the Lion and the Lamb, you can mentioned a few verses about the Christ being the lamb and that the Bible instructs us to eat, the actual greek word is gnaw I believe on Christ’s body and blood as He instructed because He is the lamb of the new and everlasting covenant.

You might have 30 minutes to do this… but depending on their age most will loose interesting before that. I would go very high level on the handout and save the details for the discussion / powerpoint. Put Bible verses in on the handout so they can take that home and look them up.

If anyone has anything like this pre-made I would be interested in seeing it to because while we have a good percentage of Catholics in my community, we are also right in the middle of the protestant bible belt :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick response jwashu. I think that you have a good idea for a handout (concentrated biblical evidence for Catholic teaching to give to Protestants). Unfortunately, I am only asking for my co-worker (who is doing the presentatin) and I won’t have time to prepare a sheet myself. I just thought I would check if something good was already floating around. I also think that this idea might come on a little too strong. It is very impressive that they are willing to come to a Catholic church for Mass and to learn more (these kids come from the only “Christian” school in town. The rest of the city is split between the public system and the Catholic system so it would seem that the families that go to the Christian school would rather pay big bucks to go to a private school than to just go to free Catholic school.

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