NEED good recipes/nonprocessed food ideas (taking from other thread)


I LOVE the thread below for ideas on how to save for food, etc...

I KNOW that all here can help me, as you all have so many times in the past, so here is my dilemma:

DH and I are close to adopting a newborn baby. Because of 2+ years fertility treatments and the fact that we are terrible stress eaters, DH and I each have 40 lbs to lose

We have a chest freezer, and a small garden plot, but I really could use recipe ideas. All my recipes that I've used for years are for heavy, complicated meals that are not 'diet'.

ANYthing you could share would be so appreciated. I'm looking for stuff that I can pre-make and freeze, or something quick, etc. This early summer, we've been doing grilling and eating a protein with salad and a potato, etc. Pretty good for now, but we need variety and plans for fall/winter. I work late hours so by the time i get home I'm wiped out. I'll take 3 months off with baby, but then back to work, and life will be even busier...

Also, we've purposed to sign up with CCCS next week and get out of our debt mess, so we know that our constant eating out is coming to an end if we want to get healthy and debt free.

I THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help!


Soups can be made in advance and frozen or reheated. If you make a vegetable soup, which will be easy with your CSA box, especially since those often have fresh herbs, it will be fairly quick and *extremely *healthy. Remember, if you get a vegetable like beets, the leafy tops are to be cut off immediately and then you use them as “greens”, like you would Swiss chard. The beets themselves can be roasted, etc. Here is a link to an example of a soup that uses the green tops of a vegetable. I also add a dash or two of Frank’s hot sauce to it, and I make sure to add enough salt and pepper. It can be adjusted, like use leeks if you don’t have onions, etc.

Be sure you learn to roast vegetables in a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. This works for butternut squash, green beans, broccoli, onions, carrots, and many more. The only thing that varies is how hot to make the oven and how long it takes. But it is flexible if you have something else in the oven, and you can make it a little hotter or cooler as needed. Use tasty virgin or extra virgin olive oil if you have it. It makes a difference from plain canola or soybean oil. Here is an example for the butternut squash, which is very delicious and sweet if roasted properly until the water content reduces and it caramelizes. You can skip the nutmeg and butter at the end, so long as you use tasty olive oil, but they are a nice touch.

Finally, I suggest learning how to roast a whole chicken. This gives one dinner, plus leftover meat to make other things. Then, take the carcass and neck along with some meat still on the carcass and make a very simple soup stock by breaking it into a few parts, covering it with cold water, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for several hours or until tasty to your satisfaction (add a little salt to the sample that you taste or you won’t be able to tell if it right or not). Do not boil it for any length of time, neither ought you stir. Just simmer it, undisturbed. Add water as needed. You could add a piece of an onion, etc., but since I use mine as little sauce enhancers here and there, I don’t need it to be jazzed up. If you are going to freeze your broth/stock, let it cool overnight in the fridge, use a spoon to lift off the fat that rises to the top in a solid layer, and then freeze in cup-sized containers. Since there is not much to a chicken carcass, you will get only two or more cups of stock from this, depending on how concentrated it ends up. Don’t freak out if your stock seems like jello. This is good and normal, due to natural gelatin. Also, I strain my stock very well before I put it in the fridge, but you could just let it settle some and pour off the top, clear stock, discarding stuff on the bottom.

If a whole chicken is too expensive for you, use entire legs with backs still attached instead. Roast extra legs and keep the meat for quick meals during the week.


We do ALOT of stirfry with either our homegrown veggies and bags of premixed from Wally world(we keep many bags on stock). We keep alot of rice white/brown. My wife works and loves to cook so when she make soup, rice ect., she makes a few meals and freezes them
for other days of I can get a container out and eat soup for a few days for lunch…She make a hamburg veggie soup with turkey burger I could eat every day…As for recipes, there are tones online to print out, good healthy ones. She prints everything out and it is in a 3 ring binder…You are wise to want to reduce weight and debt as it is good emotionally ,physically and spiritually…Do NOT try to keep up with the Jones, live within your means…We live off my pension (1300)(bills rent ect and she has (850) for offering gas and groceries…Eliminate anything that sits and collects dust…Do you know how to can? Do you have a pressure cooker…We get oodles of jars way cheap…Like others say cook down chicken(try to get antibiotic free) for broth and leftover meat for stirfry…She makes our own ranch and vinegar olive oil salad dressings…You get rid of some much extra chemicals that add weight and the Lord only knows how else if affects us…Read labels…My wife makes her own spice combo and covers potato wedges with olive oil and roasts them in the oven…Your flesh will have to die for some unhealthy things but you can make good desserts using applesauce, honey ,greek yogurt( careful with what’s in yogurts. Did I say read labels…It takes extra work to eat healthy…Do you have a breadmaker…My wife make our own whole wheat tortilla’s and whole wheat buns…Cook in bulk…She is gluten free so extra work…She makes our own french bread pizza and made a killer pizza from squash…You really have to embrace the lifstyle for it to work as it is a lot of work…But you can be way ahead and make it when times get tough…So many depend on daily grocery run for all proceed foods…Now my wife drives buy a grocery so we do get fresh things ofted…There are a lot of good recipes on Dr Oz…e are going to make our own hummus soon and she is making me a granola bar from the Kitchen Diva…
May the Lord guide and bless your endeavor


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