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This is my first post so I don't exactly know if this is the correct place to post this but anyway...

I'm having problems with women. I sometimes thing that this is a sign from God that I should check out the priesthood. By trouble with women, It just seems that they never stay. I am 18 and I attend high school. I'm a "popular" kid in my school but I am strong in my faith so most girls don't make my "cut" on making it in a relationship with me. I want a girl that any other man wants; a woman that I can share my deepest problems to and that will carry the cross with me. In today's society, that's very difficult to find.
I am currently "talking" to a girl right now and she is Catholic and she is very beautiful. She's very sweet and meets my standards to the T. Today her best friend (which is a guy) was being mean to her and it was because she was talking to me. I don't know why because I am also friends with the boy. But today she was acting very strange and acted like she is almost setting up not talking to me anymore. I just don't know how to mentally look at situations like this.


What your going Through is perfectly normal....
I Know an old Quote,,, Concerning the opposite Gender...
If You look for it ,it wont come along,
if you Don't look for it, you will fall over it because it was there somewhere all the time.
It will happen,maybe not this week,, but one day it will.


With all due respect, "I'm 18 and I haven't found the perfect woman" isn't a reason to check out the priesthood.

"I'm feeling called to ministry as a priest" is an excellent reason.

So is "I'm 18, and I'm trying to be a good Catholic, and so I need to figure out what God might have in mind for me, whether it's 'marriage', 'single life', or 'priesthood'". ;)

I happen to think that every Catholic young man needs to ask himself the question, "is God calling me to be a priest?", and needs to honestly consider the possibility. For most, the answer will be "no". But every Catholic man should at least ask the question and make a solid attempt at finding God's answer...


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