Need help arguing against reincarnation

My step brother and his mom both believe in reincarnation and I tried to tell them it’s wrong and that scripture says it is appointed for men to die once. She told me I should have an open mind. :rolleyes: What should I tell her? She told me she believes in it because of experiences she has had. What do you all think I should do here. Pray for them or try talking to them again about it?

Albert, you might find these articles helpful should you decide to discuss their erroneous beliefs with them (whether to do so depends on how “open-minded” THEY are :wink: - and whether or not they consider themselves Christian):

What experiences has she had that tells her she’s reincarnated? And why doesn’t everyone have these experiences?

Simply ask her what value there is in being reincarnated if we can’t remember anything nor use that knowledge in this lifetime. Are we reincarnated just for kicks – to suck the marrow out of this world time and time again?

Ask her how many people she murdered, raped or tortured in her various past lives. :eek:

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