Need help debating a Calvinist


Every Thursday at 8p.m. EST , the calvinist radio show host Matt Slick challenges persons to confront him on his beliefs by going to this website,

So, as a Catholic , I decided to take a shot. I’m not a very good debater though. Can you watch the exchange I had with him and then give me feed back on what tell me what I can do to improve on? I’d like to confront him again on those same topics of 1 Peter 3:18-22 and Gal 5:19-21, but I’m hoping you can better prepare me for what I should say. Here is the video of the short debate I had with him. Start it at 31:40 into the video…

Thank you!


As a general rule, you are arguing with the ego rather than the intellect - and that is a losing proposition. Especially on their turf. Go to and pick up a few pointers from Dr. David Anders, or call his EWTN radio show “Called to Communion.”


Mat Slick? Don’t waste your time.

Here watch Dr. Sungenis waste him and move on…

I also love Dr. Andres which @po18guy mentions

God Bless


Here’s another good one on justification

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