NEED HELP debunking "Embraced by the Light"

Help, Please. I need a Catholic response (in layman’s terms) to Betty Eadie’s Embraced by the Light. I have a friend who is being taken in by this junk, and I can’t find any critiques of the book anywhere and I haven’t time to read it myself.

Steve Parlin

A Christian Response to "Embraced by the Light"

by Douglas Groothuis

Review of Embraced by the Light
By Richard AbanesAnd this book:
Embraced by the Light and the Bible
by Richard Abanes

Thank you for these resources, but I had no trouble finding these. What I need is a CATHOLIC response to this text. I haven’t been able to find anything Catholic.

Maybe you don’t need a specifically Catholic response. The Christian responses as given in the recommended links seems to cover the material presented in ‘Embraced by the Light’ . You would only need a Catholic response if the matter dealt with specifically Catholic matters.

Not sure how much this will help you, but the book Raised From the Read, written by a Catholic priest, has a good chapter on how Catholics should view NDE’s–specifically those in books like Life after Life.

I doubt that there is a Catholic response. If there is it will most likely be from someone associated with CCR - maybe you could approach them?

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