Need help defending NFP Help!

I’m stupid. I browse a certain forum that has lots of crazy logic, because I feel I need to try and get them to understand things from a religious perspective instead of going by what popular culture says.

There was a topic there about weither gay marriages should be allowed or not. Of course, many are saying yes and many seem to be bi/gay themselves.

I’m trying to duscuss the best I can on the limited knowledge I have. I remember reading articles here about how contraceptive use hurts us (physically, both men and woman), but of course, when you want something you can’t find it.

Are there any good, reputable links that I can offer him/her that show contraceptive use is damaging to the body?

If you want to peek at the site here is the URL:

WARNING there is some foul stuff there

Thank you


First I need to disagree with you. You are most certainly NOT stupid.

Probably the best link on artificial birth control is Humanae Vitae, which you can find on the Vatican web site.

If they haven’t read that (which most of them probably haven’t), they don’t have any business criticizing the Vatican position on artificial birth control. Paul VI made several predictions of what would happen to society and relationships if artificial birth control became commonplace, and every one of these predictions has come to pass in modern America.

Gay marriage is a lot simpler. The Church teaches that marriage relationship on earth is an image of the relationship between Christ and the Church in Heaven. There is one Christ, so there is one husband. There is one Church, so there is one wife. It isn’t Christ and Christ or Church and Church, so homosexual marriage is out. There is a lot of Church teaching on sexual morality–including the prohibition against artificial birth control–that flows out of that one simple principle.

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I would also recommend “Theology of the Body” and “Love and Responsibitity”. Both by John Paul the Great

Here is the text of a post I did for NFP vs. contraception, hope it helps.

All truth springs from God, and so the truth is to be found there. God is a Trinity of Persons all sharing one divine nature. For brevity sake I will not elaborate on that at the moment but if you would like I very good description of that concept which I lifted from Frank Sheed. Anyway, God the Father is infinite and exists outside of time all in one act of being. In that one act of being God the Father’s “knowledge of himself” can be thought of as the “thought of Himself” which is infinite and complete, so complete it is the Second Person of the Trinity, but possessing the same singular divine nature. What can you call a thought? When it is expressed it is word, the “thought (or knowledge)” therefore of God is the Word of God; Jesus Christ. Now in this same instant act of being outside of time God the Father and God the Son (the Word) give completely of themselves to each other – complete self giving love. This love is so complete, so giving and so infinite in it’s completeness it is another person, in fact it is the Holy Spirit. God’s love is in essence creative and God is love, His love gives rise to life and the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity are in an eternal state of mutual self giving love – God is a family of Persons, that’s why we have family covenants throughout Scripture. We are created in God’s image are we not? What happens when couples come together to give self-giving love to each other? Well, nine months later you might have to give that love a name! That is just one way we are made in God’s image and model God’s own interior life and participate in His creative act. When we use contraception we are specifically saying to God, “I want the love part, but I’m not open to the creative part.” We are specifically putting up a barrier to God’s will. In so doing we are choosing our self-will over the will of God, which of course is a sin and separates us from God. Natural Family Planning is different. In NPF we are not putting up a barrier to God’s will for each time the couple does come together in self-giving love they are open to God creating life in them if He so chooses. They may abstain during fertile times for fasting from sex is approved by Paul. So to summarize one is putting up a specific barrier to God’s will while the other is saying “God I’m not sure if now is the right time for children but we respect your divine will and providence and if you wish for us to become pregnant are open to it if you desire it for us.”

By the way, this also explains why homosexual acts and gay marriage are immoral and contrary to God’s Divine nature.

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