Need help discering Gods will? Any advice appreciated


Dear friends

I think it was proposed to me tonight that I should consider missionary work. I like the idea and it would suit me in many ways and certainly clear up a lot of problems. It would be very good except I don’t know that going to a mission is Gods will for me. I feel it is not, but am not certain. I will continue praying about it and get advice from my SD too.

I feel the Holy Spirit wants me to do missionary work of various kinds on the web. I have some ideas and have been heading in this direction for a while and it does represent an opportunity to reach millions with various messages. About 2 wks or so ago I felt the most powerful compulsion to do something on the web. I think it was the Holy Spirit. I’ve never felt so driven to do something. I’m extremely restless which I’m sure is an indication I’m to do something. I’m at a crossroads in my life where I can choose any path and go anywhere I choose. I’m going to see a free financial counsellor tomorrow because I’m near broke and will be soon. So I have nothing to stop me choosing whatever path I want.

I will only be happy or have any success if I go the path the Holy Spirit chooses for me. I know to pray and get advice on this. What thoughts do you have on this? Recommendations? Can you say a prayer I choose right? Any comments at all are welcome too.

God bless and peace to you all:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Missionary work requires great effort, patience, knowledge, love, and humor - all of which God will give you if you but submit to His Will. Continue to pray and trust in the Lord.


John, if I were you… I’d take this directly to Our Lord, in Eucharistic Adoration. I’ve often heard it said… that being in the Presence of Jesus, and asking His opinion… is the BEST way to discern any kind of calling or vocation.

Hope this helps. God bless.


If you feel impelled to do it that is a good sign it is of the Holy Spirit…but don’t go by me, take this thought to your SD.


My dear friend

Thanks for you advice.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Dear MarieVeronica

I will do that. Thanks for your advice. I’ll sit in front of him for a while and see if he changes my mind.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Dear Ready

I will talk to him. I must note the being compelled so powerfully in the decision making process. Thanks for you advice.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


St Ignatios. Spiritual Exercisis… do 'em


My dear friend

Thx for the adice. I have that book somewhere. I’m sure I read a bit but can’t recall if I read it all. I’ll look at it again soon.

God bless dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:



Dear guys and gals

I have been thinking and it occurs to me the Holy Spirit has been leading me towards the internet for a long time. He has something he wants me to do here. I am much more suited to this, I have the ability to do this, and the desire. i’m also fairly certain this is what he wants. I could be wrong so I will pray and see my SD.

Do you think I should lean towards the internet apostolate / mission if that is what I want to do, what I’m best at and what is becoming clearer to be the Holy Spirits will for me? Do you think it’s possible I have it wrong and should continue to try and discern? What are your thoughts on all this?

God bless you dear friends:thumbsup::slight_smile:


The internet apostolate/mission is what suits you best: it’s what you want to do and are what you are good at. If common sense validates this and you can somehow manage to survive financially at the same time you fulfill your desire (and your SD agrees this is a good idea - which he should) then GO FOR IT! Take it to the next level and start acting on your desire…people who are called to the priesthood have to act on their desire to become a priest and see if it is a real calling, they can’t just ponder such a calling without talking with a priest and starting seminary. By the time they are through with seminary they must pretty much know if it was a real calling to begin with…but they had to take the steps and enter the process. Try it out, the only stumbling block that I can see is financing yourself…if you can manage financially, what should stop you? Missionary work won’t give you a great financial life, but will help people a lot and reap ripe spiritual benefits for you and most important, it will be pleasing to God our Father, who loves missionary work for saving souls.


Dear Ready

Good advice. I’m sure the internet is where I’m meant to be. About 1/4 of the worlds population use the internet now or over 1.5 billion people. I am learning how to build my own websites and optimise ( SEO) them myself so I don’t have to pay anything for advertising and over time I’ll get better rankings and very heavy traffic eventually, I hope. I found a company that’ll host unlimited websites with unlimited bandwidth and very good everything for USD5.95 / mth. I’ll be able to do the whole thing myself very cheaply. I’m not worried about money. I don’t have much but won’t need much. I’ll be happy to stop trying to make money in fact. I know you need money but I’d rather be poor and just have what I need to get by and enough to do my apostolate and maintain my spiritual life like drive to mass, adoration etc. I’d be happy with that. I don’t want to have lots of money. Money never made anyone happy.

Thx for the good advice and God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Great! I’ll keep you in my prayers and will check out your website. I have had only a brief look thus far but thought it looked very good from what I saw and read. I’ll go back and spend some more time on it. You can help many souls with your work…and you have a good attitude. You’ll do much in service of our Lord. Peace!


My dear friend
Thanks for your advice and kind words. It’s funny how last night when I just decided to try the poverty thing my room mates were deciding to cancel the lease on the expensive house we rent. Good timing. Now I need affordable accomodation. A garage or granny flat would be good. I’ll ask around. I’m not detached from wealth completely yet but it felt great to be a lot more detached and to be poorer and to embrace that.

God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Excellent! Poverty and more detatchment…two things that make you resemble Christ!



hi john.

i think the above advice is really good. also, ask God to lead you day by day, not week by week or month by month. i don’t really have anything else to add other than i will definitely keep you in my prayers. also i would appreciate if you said a prayer for me as i too seem to be at a very similar crossroads.

i wish you the best and may the Holy Spirit Guide you in all that you do!



Have you read any books about St. John Vianney?

Reading about his life in depth might offer some useful insights into vocation discernment.

God bless


Dear Jen

I appreciate all yours and everyones advice here. Thanks for your prayers. I will pray for you too. I think the discernment is over for now. At least for the time being. If you can pray for Mark Thomas instead of me it’s appreciated. We’re trying to get a miracle for him because he doesn’t want to die yet. He’s riddled with cancer and only has a week or two to go.

God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


My dear friend

Are you suggesting I eat rotten potatoes:D No, thx for the advice. I’m sure I read about him long ago. I have a book somewhere. I’ll look it up. Thx for the advice.

God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


i will keep your friend Mark in my prayers and i will continue to pray for you and everyone else here on caf. :grouphug:

God bless you and may the good Lord bless mark thomas and wash him in Grace.


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