Need help explaining Church's attitude re: sex/marriage/NFP to non-Catholic husband

While I can mentally fall back on “the Church must be right” for things I don’t yet fully understand, my husband isn’t there yet. The adjustment from a Protestant and even worldly view of the purpose of marriage to the Catholic view of marriage as a vocation and of sex as needing to be both unitive and procreative has not been easy for me, but I’m mostly at peace with it. My husband is not at all on board. And we’re in the difficult postpartum breastfeeding wacky cycles (or no cycles, sigh) time. Our abstention is not by mutual consent.

None of my explanations have hit home. My husband’s main objection seems to be, why can’t sex be only unitive; why is that subordinate to procreation, why are barrier methods unacceptable, that line of thinking. “It must serve both functions because that’s the way God made it” isn’t sufficient for him, and he doesn’t yet accept the authority of the Church. However, anything explaining it from the Church’s POV is fine, since that’s where I’m coming from. I do have Humanae Vitae here. I’m hoping someone might know of something less dry, perhaps written “man to man,” maybe even aimed at addressing issues of mixed marriages… since that’s what I’m finding myself in at this point.

Good News About Sex and Marriage: Answers to your honest questions about Catholic Teaching
by Christopher West.

In fact all the related items on the Amazon page are good. This would be the best evangelistic tool though. It’s an accessible read for a protestant reader.

Thank you, I ordered that just now. The seller on also had St. Augustine’s Confessions for less than $1, so win-win. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Cool, now I’m going to

You have to figure on shipping, but the site gives you an automatic shipping discount for multiple items from the same buyer, so I always see what else a buyer has in their inventory. I often end up with several books which, even with shipping, total less than the cost of one of them new.

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