Need Help Finding a Book Review

I am suppose to use a book review for a paper and I cant seem to find one anywhere. The book is God’s Word: Scripture, Tradition and Office by Joseph Raztinger (Benedict XVI).

If anyone knows of where I can find one please let me know. THANKS AND GOD BLESS!

You can find it at Ignatius Press.

What is your library access like? If your library is a member of the American Theological Library Association, you can try looking at the ATLA Religion Index that they should have on hand. It is published annually and always includes a large section on where to find book reviews. (You just look up the author and book title, and it tells you where to find any review of that book that was published that year.)

I just checked the publication date on the book you’re asking about and realized this may not help you. Since the book just came out this year and the 2008 ATLA Index wouldn’t be out yet, you won’t find it in the index yet. Ordinarily, you look at the year a book was released and search the ATLA index for that year and for the several years that follow (for good measure).

I know that CUF’s Lay Witness magazine has book reviews in each issue, but it doesn’t appear that they have reviewed this particular book yet (in my cursory glance at the book reviews section for each issue in 2008).

Another option would be to try calling the publisher of the book (Ignatius Press) directly and asking them if the book has been reviewed. One would think they might be aware if one of their books has been reviewed. But, then again, they publish a lot of books, so it might be too much for them to keep track of.

Sorry! I seem to be offering you nothing but dead ends! :o

Edit: I thought of another option. First Things also includes book reviews in each issue. If you look at the archives for each issue, you can see the book reviews section. Be aware that the titles and authors listed are the titles and authors of the review itself, not of the book being reviewed. Thus, you would need to click on each link individually to actually see what book is being reviewed.

Also, you might try looking at journals and magazines from Sept. or Oct. of this year. With the Synod on the Word of God taking place in October, it seems like any issues published around this time might be the most likely place to find a review of a book by the Pope titled “God’s Word”. Many publications will capitalize on current events with themed issues.

Does this help?

Editorial Reviews
Product Description
In this book Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, presents the Word of God as a living reality in the Church. God’s Word, according to Ratzinger, is encountered in the Bible, in Tradition, and through the teaching Office of the Bishop, who, through apostolic succession, is to be the servant of and witness to the divine Word. Ratzinger examines as well the relationship between the Episcopacy and the Papacy. He also considers the nature of Apostolic Succession, and he responds to Reformed objections to the Catholic view of the subject. His treatment is sympathetic to the concerns of non-Catholic Christians while remaining faithful to Catholic teaching and practice.

This book also includes the famous Erasmus Lecture of Cardinal Ratzinger, which assesses the strengths and weaknesses of modern critical approaches to biblical interpretation. Ratzinger proposes a new approach that avoids the pitfalls of a narrowly critical outlook on the Bible without succumbing to fundamentalism.

God’s Word provides profound insights into Pope Benedict XVI’s efforts to renew the Church’s participation in God’s Truth through the divine Word, as well as the Church’s mission to proclaim the Word to all people.

"The calm, clear, and precise teaching that has characterized the theological work of Joseph Ratzinger as Peritus, Archbishop, Prefect, and Pope is placed before the Christian reader in this newly republished volume, God’s Word:Scripture, Tradition, Office. Both refreshing and prophetic, this writing lays the groundwork for the two great initiatives that Pope Benedict XVI has stated are the top priorities of his pontificate, evangelization and ecumenism. Bypassing the bland contemporary approach that reduces these noble objectives to mere niceness, this book faces the problems that, if resolved, will make possible the “New Evangelization” envisioned by Pope John Paul II and the “full and visible unity of all Christ’s followers” so desired by Pope Benedict XVI himself. This book, though not light reading, will be of interest and inspiration to all Christians who honestly seek truth and unity.
– Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz

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