Need help finding a poem for a high school graduate

Hello, everybody! I have a niece and a nephew who will be graduating from high school in a couple of weeks and all I can find are bland cards, so I thought I’d include a poem that would be appropriate for a young person.

I have chosen “If” by Rudyard Kipling for my nephew and I am looking for something in that vein for my niece, but I am totally blank. I know there are websites with hundreds of poems, but I figured I’d pick ya’ll’s brains first since I don’t have time to read a hundred poems.

I look forward to getting some great recommendations (CAFers are quite the literary bunch!) and I thank you all in advance!

Nothing??? Nobody???


C’mon, guys, somebody throw me a bone! I’m beginning to consider “Desiderata”!

Sorry, BR, normally I would be able to help fairly well, but all my stuffs in boxes and my memory is pretty poor these days. We used to give all our n/n’s graduation cards with poems (and money) inside. We kept a good roster of those type of poems.

A good suggestion—Go ask the same question at the Amazon(.com) poetry forum. you’ll get a good response there from a mainstream enough crowd----you’ll end up with something useful for a HS graduate.

These kids Catholic?

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