Need help finding a quote

Hi! I’m talking to someone about the Bible and they admitted they cherry pick. It reminded me of a quote I once saw.

It goes something like:

“If you reject certain parts of the Bible and accept othersyou are not a Christian, you created a religion of your subconscious”

Or some thing like that. Can you help me find out the author/the full quote?

Any quotes about cherrypicking the Bible would be appreciated!



Sounds a lot like St. Augustine:

“if you believe what you like of the Gospel, and reject what you don’t like, it’s not the Gospel you believe, but yourself.”

I can’t remember which particular work he wrote that in. But I know for a fact it was him.

bingoooo thank you sooooo much!!! :):d:):d:):d:)

Don’t feel bad. The reason most people can’t find the source of that quote, is because what’s generally quoted is a paraphrase.

the actual quote (properly referenced)

“Tell us straight out that you do not believe in the Gospel of Christ; for you believe what you want in the Gospel and disbelieve what you want. You believe in yourself rather than in the Gospel.” Against Faustus, [/FONT]Book 17, 3, .

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