Need Help Finding Resources

I’ve been trying to look for books that list out scripture verses that one can use for when the devil tries to tempt you, like how Jesus quoted Scripture when He was tempted by the devil at the desert. I’ve heard from one of the homilies at Church, that there were these group of monks who were devoted to writing down scripture verses that go against each particular temptation (Pride, Lust, Gluttony, etc.), but I have yet to find any books of the like. So if you guys know of any, it doesn’t have to be just books, please let me know =)

This book was written for monks, but it may be of some help to you.

That’s the one that I was going to suggest, too:

“How did the monks of the Egyptian desert fight against the demons that attacked them with tempting thoughts? How could Christians resist the thoughts of gluttony, fornication, or pride that assailed them and obstructed their contemplation of God? According to Evagrius of Pontus (345–399), one of the greatest spiritual directors of ancient monasticism, the monk should talk back to demons with relevant passages from the Bible.”

Here is the preview on Google Books:

Yes, that’s perfect. Thank you guys :).

Another one would be:

Manual for Spiritual Warfare

It has entire sections full of Biblical passages to help you in various types of spiritual warfare.

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