Need help for my friend - her neice lost virgnity at 14


A friend of mine texted me the other day and was rather unhappy about the fact that her 14 year old neice had lost her virgnity and thought it was the greatest thing ever and had no plans on stopping. This child thinks its “cool” and that having a heap of babies to her 14 year old boyfriend and bludging off the government would be cool.

I’m only 26 and my friend is only 24, the 14 year old girl comes from a rather unstable family and my friend can’t tell the child’s parents becuse they will beat the living heck out of her.

I essentially told my friend that there’s really nothing she can do as the loss of virgnity has taken place, but to try and warn her of the risks - which, most 14 year olds engaging in sex dont’ really care about, I’ve told my friend to try and convince her neice that she deserves better then some 14 year old idiot who’ll just be bragging about it, but this poor child doesn’t seem to have any real hope for her furture, or education or anything.

In the end I just told my friend to pray - my friend however, takes it upon herself to be involved in not just christainity - she mucks about with taroo and syances and the likes, she’s a form of christanity we have down in New Zealand which is popular amongst the local Maori peoples.

Is there any advice, or websites I can go to to get info that would open the eyes of this child? I can’t do very extensive searches cos I use the school computers and they pretty much block all the sites that could be construde as “porn”, including the word “virginity”.



This might be hard to hear, but if the friend can’t tell the parents because of a threat of abuse, it maybe time to call DCFS. I have gone through foster parent training, and I know that DCFS rarely just takes kids away without helping the family, and it sounds like this family really needs help, this girl appears to be in an incredibly dangerous situation. It’s also a crime for her boyfriend to have sex with her (or for her to have sex with him if he is also 14). See if your friend can take her niece to a women’s clinic and have the Dr. give her a good old fashioned talking to about pregnancy and STD’s maybe hearing the cold hard facts about what her body will go through will be enough, you might also want to try having your friend talk to the girl’s school counselor, they might be able to provide her with help and are required to keep everything confidential. Good luck.


if I am following the plot, aunt can’t tell her sister or brother, but can tell a friend, that her niece is possibly in desperate straits. interesting. wonder how far the story will travel before it does get back to the parents. if the parents are beating the girl, and aunt does not report them to CPS, she is equally guilty IMO and possibly under the law where she lives.


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