Need Help formulating an adult faith education program

Not sure if this is the right thread but here goes.

I am a student of my diocesan ministry formation program (I am sure some of you know what MFP is and NO I am not fond of it either but it is a requirement for deaconate). Part of my assigment in this program is to participate in a “field service project”. I have decided that there is a great need in my parish for basic education of the faith for adults. I am capable of developing and teaching such a “program” but I am here asking for anyones ideas. I am guessing that his “program” would be held in a retreat like setting and likely be a few 2 hour sessions.

Some helpful suggestions would be:

  1. What type of format sounds good to you all.
  2. What would be good starting and ending points in presentation.
  3. Anyone know of good resources or models out there to use?

And any suggestions would be GREAT :smiley: :smiley:
Thanks in advance

Hi :wave: I answered your question in the Apologetics section. Have a blessed day!

Thanks I wasn’t sure which forum to use.


duplicate thread, when you get it boiled down to one I will answer, time for Mass and RCIA, bye.

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