Need Help From Someone In Mesa, Az!


I hope it’s ok to ask for help from someone in Mesa, AZ. My sister’s husband just told her he wanted a divorce last Friday. She is in extreme shock, confusion, depression and is grieving terribly. My heart is breaking for her but I cannot be with her. She desperately needs someone to talk with person to person as she is alone there. I tried calling Catholic Charities and the first thing they wanted was money. She hasn’t any money of her own as her husband convinced her to quit working. She had no idea he wanted out of their marriage as she was under the impression that he really loved and adored her. She feels so betrayed right now. I was wondering if someone familiar with Mesa, AZ , could give me a name of a church that may have someone in pastoral care that could give her some comfort, a loving ear. Please help!


Does your sister have dependent children? I don’t know a soul in Mesa Arizona. I’m sure there would be help available. Is that near Pheonix?


The only Catholic Church in Mesa that I know anything about is Holy Cross on Power Road. And I only know that much because it’s the church closest to where my MIL lives. (My MIL does not attend since she is not Catholic.) I would have no idea what kind of pastoral care staff they have.

Is you sister Catholic/Christian and belong to some local parish?


This link will take you to a listing of parishes in Mesa and the surrounding area. God bless your efforts for your sister.


No she doesn’t have dependent children. I believe Mesa is near Scottsdale.


She is Catholic but doesn’t yet belong to a local parish. She really doesn’t know many people there except for a neighbor or two.



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