Need help from VA


Can anyone recommend a caring, pastoral, orthodox RC priest in the Newport News, VA area? Someone who relates well with young adults? My daughter is getting married next fall, is not currently going to Mass or connected with any parish in her area. I need some help explaining things to her, and encouraging her to embrace her faith at this crucial time in her life. Also, does anyone know what the options are reguarding marriage preparation for couples when one is in the military and stationed overseas, and the other is home in the US? Thank you!


I am in that area – I can steer you away from a couple of parishes, that’s for sure…LOL! PM me later, b/c I have to go make dinner now, but hopefully I can be of assistance to you and your daughter


A lot of the parishes in the Newport News/ Virginia Beach/ Norfolk area are, well, liberal. BUT YOU ARE IN LUCK!!! The chaplaincy is there for you!!!

Even if the intended is stationed overseas, have your daughter call NAVAL STATION NORFOLK

Ask specifically for the CATHOLIC CHAPLAIN. If there is more than one, ask to talk with the one with the most rank. If you don’t get a reasonable person with whom to chat, talk to the COMMAND MASTER CHIEF, whose business it is to make sure you do get your questions answered:

If your daughter won’t call, you do, and have a chat. You will find them very caring, usually more than orthodox, and most relate well to young adults (and their parents) as those are the majority of their congregants.

If those sites don’t help, try and Archbishop O’Brien is a very nice man, very concerned about his troops and their families.

I’ve been in your shoes. Hang in there!


Thanks for the help!! I will do that!!


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