Need Help Getting into a Good Catholic College


Hi guys, would anyone happen to know of anyone who I can talk to, scholarships that I can apply for, or any other things that I can do that can help me pay for my tuition at some of the Catholic Colleges that I’m planning to apply for? Or just any general Catholic Colleges for that matter, like the ones that are recommended by the Cardinal Newman Society? I heard a while back that Fr. Mitch Pacwa would be one of the persons that I should talk to, but I don’t really know whether or not it was true or how to get hold of him. And if you guys could pray for me as well, that would be great. Thanks =)


If you plan on going beyond a bachelors degree, the formula is:

Associates Degree completing all required classes.

Transfer to State College w/ in-state Tuition, get Bachelors Degree in field related to Masters.

Catholic University for Masters.

I know 3-5 atheist or non-Catholic people who got great offers or graduated from Catholic and Jesuit Universities. “Cap” the education with it, or you are blowing money in the same places Atheists do. Senseless.


Going off of CatholicSpirit’s advice, if you’re looking for a state colllege with a good Catholic community, I’d recommend my school, Texas A&M! You could PM me any questions you have about the school and/or St. Mary’s church!


It’s a long way from Southern California, but the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND (a solidly orthodox Catholic college) has an interesting money-saving program called Year-Round Campus where you can Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree in 2.6 Years & Master’s in 4.

Aside from that, they advertise that “At just over half the average tuition of private colleges and universities in the United States, Mary is also one of the most affordable private universities in the nation.”

Their scholarship list is at

They advertise on Catholic radio here in my metro area, so that’s why I know about them. I wish I had gone to an orthodox Catholic college :frowning: Good luck in your college search!


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