Need help: Is this mortal sin?

I just got back from Confession before the Easter Vigil later this evening, and now I’m already concerned of having committed mortal sin. Let me explain.

Here in Germany, we have a law that prohibits minors (under 18) from staying out longer than midnight. If they want to stay somewhere public longer than that, the parents must sign a form that appoints a person to supervise the minor.

Now, my brother is going to an Easter bonfire tonight with friends (Do you have those where you live?), and they’re obviously planning to stay longer than midnight. The problem is this: He forgot to ask my parents to sign the form. When he wanted to leave, our parents weren’t there. So, he phoned them and asked what to do. Dad told him to have me sign the form for them.

So, I signed in their name, putting down their details and a signature. I’m confused now whether this is mortal sin. All the more because I haven’t been taking Communion for weeks, and since it’s the last day of Lent, I wanted to go to confession to be able to receive at Easter Vigil. My thoughts are these, and I hope you’ll see why I’m confused.

Why I think it could be mortal sin
– I signed a form that requires the signature of someone who is legally responsible for the minor. My parents are, but I am not. Faking a signature constitutes lying to the state, Urkundenfälschung in German.

Why I think it might not be mortal sin
– The signature was authorised by my parents, so I’m acting as their deputy. It is still not their signature, though, and if the police prompted them to show their ID or sign for comparison (which is within their rights) it would be obvious that the signature on the form was not theirs.

Can someone help out? :confused:

This is not a mortal sin. You signed your parents name after getting their verbal authorization. You have neither lied to the authorities or forged your parents signature. If the authorities check anything it will be to make sure your parents did in fact authorize their son to be out late and they will probably do this via phone call. I doubt highly that they will also require handwriting comparisons, but even if they do, your parents can simply say they authorized it over the phone and had you sign for them, since they could not physically do so themselves.

Just from what I’ve read. Two thoughts. That’s a pretty good law for minors, would have never imagined they’d still have that type of law this day and age. When I was a kid, it wasn’t a law, but it was unusual for minors to be out that late.

Secondly, many parents would be lucky to have children like you. Even if you sin, like the rest of us, you have something many children and adults lack these days. That is a conscience, and a love for God. My respects to you, and especially your parents, because they’re doing a damn good job. Happy Easter, have a safe time, and get home before curfew :slight_smile:

Even if we go with this argument, your actions here don’t meet the criteria to be considered mortal sins. The matter is less than grave, and your consent (in following your parent’s directions) is not in opposition to God’s law.

Plus, since you didn’t know if it was a mortal sin I doubt you had full knowledge. Relax! You did everything right! :thumbsup:

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