Need help on deciding a major!


I’m a college student and I’m thinking of becoming a medical laboratory scientist. However, I have a reservation.

I think medical laboratory scientists analyze semen.

Would it be sinful to analyze someone’s semen?

(ps, I started a thread about this a while ago, but would like more opinions)

It is possible to obtain semen through moral means, so that task would not be objectively problematic. You should become familiar with how a patient would use a perforated condom in case someone needs instruction on how and why it’s morally permissible for reserving some of the semen during normal marital intercourse (this is not for preaching purposes but to instruct anxious Catholics and others who are concerned about it).

Would it be sinful to analyze someone’s semen?

Surely it would not be sinful in many instances, for example analyzing semen from a crime scene.

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