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I am on our parish Library Committee and our parish recently has been blessed with a very large Endowment from an estate, to be used solely for educational purposes, and we have a goodly amount of money from the endowment to spend on library materials (it’s like we died and went to heaven!:slight_smile: ) So we are busy updating and enlarging our library.

Anyway, I have been given the responsibility of selecting books for the Apologetics section, a brand-new section, and I thought I would post here and ask for suggestions and/or links to books and other media to help me make these selections. My only request is that they be geared to the parish level and are not too scholarly and difficult for the average parishoner, although a large percentage of our parishoners are college-educated and business and professional people (just trying to give an idea of the readership.)

I know the posters here are well-read and knowledgeable about Apologetics, so I thought this might be the right forum, and I would appreciate any help. I do need to be able to access the name of the publishers so I can find the prices and the ISBN numbers. You may E-mail me if you wish. Thank you in advance.


You can look on for many useful materials, including essays on that website, quotes from Church fathers, and links to various books that address specific issues.
A specific book I would highly recommend is By What Authority by Mark Shea.



Anything by Scott Hahn, Karl Keating, Patrick Madrid, Peter Kreeft, Dave Armstrong or Frank Sheed.

This Is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers The Real Presence by Mark P. Shea

Not by Faith Alone: A Biblical Study of the Catholic Doctrine of Justification by Robert A. Sungenis

Not by Scripture Alone: A Catholic Critique of the Protestant Doctrine of Sola Scriptura by Robert A. Sungenis (editor)

Not by Bread Alone by Robert A. Sungenis

How Can I Get to Heaven?: The Bible’s Teaching on Salvation-Made Easy to Understand by Robert A. Sungenis

A Landscape With Dragons: The Battle for Your Child’s Mind by Michael O’Brien

Try this link


Great suggestions. I’d also add Gary Michuta’s "Why Catholic Bibles are Bigger"…it’s the only book on the subject I can think of that covers this material in depth.


“Catholicism and Fundamentalism” by Karl Keating
"Mere Christianity" by CS Lewis
"Orthodoxy" by GK Chesterton
"Thd Everlasting Man" by GK Chesterton


we have a goodly amount of money from the endowment to spend on library materials (it’s like we died and went to heaven!:slight_smile: ) So we are busy updating and enlarging our library.

Oh, boy! Another church librarian here… That would be wonderful!!
No suggestions of what to buy. Just:D sitting here, turning :stuck_out_tongue: green with envy at the thought of having that:thumbsup: :thumbsup: “goodly amount of money”, instead of figuring out what books we need, & then trying desperately to find someone to donate it.
Bless you; I’m sure you can’t go wrong with the ideas you’re getting here.


Here’s my list. Please forgive the redundancies:


·Holy Bible (NAB, RSVCE, Jerusalem Bible)
·Catechism of the Catholic Church
·Catholicism and Fundamentalism—Karl Keating
·The Usual Suspects—Karl Keating
·Beginning Apologetics Series—Fr. Frank Chacon/Jim Burnham
·Nuts & Bolts—Tim Staples
·Faith of Our Fathers–Cardinal Gibbons
·Handbook of Christian Apologetics—Peter Kreeft & Ronald Tacelli
·Theology for Beginners—Frank Sheed
·Theology and Sanity—Frank Sheed
·Surprised by Truth 1, 2 & 3—ed. Patrick Madrid
·Rome Sweet Home—Scott & Kimberly Hahn
·Reasons to Believe—Scott Hahn
·Crossing The Tiber—Steve Ray
·Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic—David Currie
·Any Friend of God’s Is A Friend of Mine—Patrick Madrid
·Why Is That In Tradition? —Patrick Madrid
·Where Is That In the Bible? —Patrick Madrid
·Answer Me This!—Patrick Madrid
·By What Authority? —Mark Shea
·This Is My Body…This Is My Blood—Mark Shea


·Lay Witness
·This Rock


·Search and Rescue—Patrick Madrid
·How Not to Share Your Faith—Jim Burnham
·Good News, Bad News: Evangelization, Conversion and the Crisis of Faith by Fr. C. John, III McCloskey and Russell Shaw


Great problem, and great answers so far! But I disagree about the NAB–get the RSV-Catholic Edition instead, please! Just finished an apologetics class at my parish, and the NAB that some members used had footnotes which undercut the use to which Catholics can put some passages. For example, a quote from the New Testament which supported Purgatory was footnoted in the NAB thus"This passage is sometimes cited to support Purgatory but it does not." !!! There is no earthly reason to use the NAB with its anti-Catholic footnotes.

The resources right here at are terrific for apologetics. Also John Martignoni’s website at, I believe. Ignatius Press is bursting with contemporary excellent apologetics material–


As you can see I recommended BOTH Bibles, as well as the Jerusalem Bible. The OP was looking for suggestions for a parish library.

Even with the NAB’s shortcomings, it’s still an approved Bible and the one most likely to be encountered in a parish setting. It would be ridiculous to exclude it from a parish library.


Great list. I would add Evangelical Is Not Enough by Thomas Howard.


:ouch: Doh! How could I miss that one? I’d also recommend Howard’s “On Being Catholic.”


Get everything on Dave Armstrong’s Amazon Lists: :slight_smile:

Especially get Spirit of Catholicism by Karl Adam.


“Frequent Confession: Its place in the Spiritual Life” by Benedict Bauer

Anything by the Doctors of the Church.


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