Need Help Southern Californians


I am going out to CA to see my Nitanny Lions play USC in the Rose Bowl. I wanted to know if Jan 1st was a HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION out there…Any help would be appreciated…Merry Christmas!


Hmmm. It seems like you like that little team out of State College.Good luck to them!
As for Jan 1, it is indeed a Holy Day of obligation, the Solemnity of Mary. I think you know what you should do, go to the vigil Mass the day before!


I can’t wait to move to California–place is so great. I’m not a Nittany Lions fan though…or a USC fan for that matter.


It must be really bad where you are to actualy want to move to california! :slight_smile:


Nah, I live in a pretty decent city, but the weather of the San Francisco Bay Area can’t be beaten.


An individual Bishop, or group of Bishops, may only waive the obligation for a given year. Since they were unable to get higher authority to abolish the requirement the Bishops of Southern California waive the requirement each year. They have declared their intent to do this for the indefinite future, one year at a time.

The answer to your question - it will not be a day of obligation in 2009. The only masses available will be the regular daily masses, and they may be curtailed because of the civil holiday. For example, my parish omits the 6:30 am mass and has only a 9 am mass on major holidays.


This is quite interesting. So if you are from another jurisdiction, you can travel to a jursidiction that has removed that day as an obligation? I realize that the original poster wanted to see his favorite team, and his motives might release him from the obligation, but how about if i decided to travel to this “relaxed” jurisdiction to avoid the obligation? Sounds like my intent is quite improper.


In the whole U.S., January 1st - the feast of Mary, the Mother of God - is a Holy Day of Obligation. Celebrate the new year by celebrating He who is the New Adam and thanking she who brought Him into the world, the New Eve.


Go 'SC! Beat the Nittany Lions!


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