Need Help Talking with Mormon Missionaries


I have sat down with three Mormon missionaries twice in the past two weeks. After going back and forth for hours, they weren’t able to supply sufficient answers to any issues I raised, in particular, the “Great Apostasy,” and Authority of the New Testament…

There is one particular issue I would kindly ask you for your help.

I have read from Joseph Smith and his King Follett Discourse where he explicitly states, “God himself was once as we are now…if you were to see him today, you would see him like a man in form.” This idea however contradicts the BofM, specifically, Moroni 8:18, Mormon 9:9-10, Alma 11:28-31…etc.

In any event, they informed me that no man can be another God the Father but simply become “God like.” However, it is my understanding that their law of progression indeed says they will become Gods… Is this idea documented anywhere?

Obviously, I hold the contradictory statements between Smith and the BofM, but I want to show them definitive Mormon teachings. They twist the meaning of words around and it is tough to combat. When they are cornered and have no logical way out, they tell me to just pray about the book and Spirit will give me answers. At one point, one of them said, “history is great, but you can only really learn by feeling the Spirit.”

One more note… They gave me literature to read and I kindly accept. I study and give ask them questions. However, they will not study or take interest in Early Church writings that show a clear continuity of beliefs from then until now! That shows me their disinterest in what isn’t from the LDS!

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Did they say that Joseph Smith saw the physical body of God the father? note: scripture plainly says that GOd is spirit.

Isaiah 43:10 refutes exhaultation doctrine.

look for the Utah Lighthouse website of Jerald and Sandra Tanner, I am sure you can find documentation there.


Mormon missionaries have one goal, YOUR baptism.

I recommend that you read this:

and more specifically this:


Joseph Smith’s Changing Doctrine of Deity


We used to live in southeast Iowa just across the river from Nauvoo, Illinois which is home to the Mormon faith. The Mormon missionaries or elders would make visits quite frequently. My wife and I talked to two young men on several occasions. We tried to share our Catholic faith with them during each visit. Finally, we parted on friendly terms. I told them that we believed that the Catholic Church contains the full truth and that they couldn’t convince us otherwise. I also told them that we respect them and their beliefs and that we wished them the best. We didn’t see them again, but I was glad for an opportunity to share our faith with them.



I was converted to mormonism because I was hopelessly confused about denominational differences. I wasn’t told about the magic underwear or planet kolob or the curse of the black skin. I was told not to read any church history that wasn’t lds authorized because it was of the devil. The missionaries will look at you and start to give you their testimony. Their eyes will glaze over and they will almost become robotic like. They will usually cry, that is very common especially at testimony meetings. Ask them why the mormon church accepts the old and new testament canon.Ask them to pray over the catechism to see if it’s true. If you can pray to know the truth of all things why won’t they? Does God really have a body and was once a man on planet kolob? Are african-americans cursed with the dark skin? will native americans become pure and delightsome if they convert? Yhey do not believe in the same God as we do. Our God is a trinity, that’s basic christianity. Don’t pray with them

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