Need help understanding somthing

Hi, everyone.

I have only been Catholic for 2 years and I am still trying to understand what constitutes “Leading others into Sin”

I know If say… I had some drugs and I gave them to someone else knowing they would use them, that would be leading another to sin. I know if I have a girlfriend who is trying to be chaste but I start purposely turning her on and it leads to intercourse, I have led her into sin.

But let say me and my friend are drinking beer at my house. Lets say he wants to get more beer and I know there is a chance he could get drunk, am I leading him to sin by allowing him to get more beer and drink?

I can think of another time when I was driving a friend home and he asked me to take him to the grocery store first. He said he was going to buy some beer and that he was going to get drunk. I said to myself “Well, I have no control over him” and though I did not want to help him get drunk, the fact of the matter is I took him to the store to buy the beer.

So, in matters like that, does that constitute leading another into sin? Is it more like a sin of omission? Grave matter? Venial? Not sin at all? Can anyone help me out? Thank you.

Father Mitch Pacwa explained it this way.

God will never lead us into sin.
But he may lead us into battle against sin.
A general does not desire to lead his soldiers into war but if a battle is to ensue his soldiers must be ready to fight.

After Jesus was baptized the Holy Spirit led Jesus in to the desert to be tempted by the Devil. This was done in order to begin the battle against Satan.

We don’t want to face Satan on our own. But we may be called on to defend the Church, to defend truth, and to stand up against Satan. We call upon God to help us.

(I must apologize because I have probably badly paraphrased this. I hope I have conveyed some of his thoughts)

:confused: Well thank you for that quote. I love Fr. Pacwa. My question is not if God leads us into sin or not though. I know he does not.

Accessory to Another’s Sin

  1. Counsel: Giving advice or direction to the evil-doer;

  2. Command: Ordering or inducing another to commit sin;

  3. Consent: approving of the sin, before or after its act;

  4. Provocation: Inciting or urging one to commit sin;

  5. Praise or flattery: Inciting or urging one to commit sin by praise;

  6. Concealment: helping one to commit sin by offering to conceal the crime;

  7. Partnership: Sharing the fruits of another’s sin;

  8. Silence: Not speaking out when we should, or not acting to prevent sin when obliged;

  9. Defending evil: Attempting to justify the evil actions of others.

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