Need help! What should I do?


I really need some help here. A 16 year old girl that I know (I consider her an acquaintence) is pregnant and has been convinced by the father of the child that she needs to have an abortion. She has scheduled it for Thursday April 10th. I have already been praying for her and posted a prayer request. Since she is only acquaintence, should I try to talk to her or should I just keep praying and let God take over? I’m really torn here. In one aspect, I feel like I should intervene and on the other hand, she doesn’t even know me that well and may be upset that I even knew about it in the first place. I’ve already posted this in the AAA forum, but I’d really like your opinions/advice as well.


Talk to her and pray as well. God bless you and I will say a prayer that your words might hit a cord with her.


The number one thing right now needs to be unceasing prayer. Give this to the Blessed Virgin, mother of us all.

If you do talk to her,talk to her in a kind and charitable way. She is obviously in a fragile state right now, so you don’t want to push her away. Show her that you are there to support her. But you also must stand with gentle firmness regarding this issue.

But most definitely, PRAY! (I will take this intention with me to Adoration)


It sounds like you aren’t out to badger or condemn, so I think you have the right attitude to try cautiously talking to her. I’m not much of a people person so I don’t know what would be effective, maybe letter her see that you really care and just want to help… but basically I just wanted to encourage you in your efforts. :slight_smile:


Praying that our Lord will give you the words to say.


Praying now, please keep us updated.
I will say a rosary tonight.


Thanks so much you guys! I saw the girl today, from a distance and I waved. She waved back but also gave me a pretty dirty look. I think the girl who told me must have told her that I knew and probably also told her my stance on abortion. I’m sure she’s not very fond of me at the moment, but that’s not going to stop me from praying!! I believe God will intervene in some way and show this poor girl the truth at least I pray He will!! Please continue to pray for her. God bless you all!!!


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