Need help with a family situation

I live in Spain and my parents live in California. At this time two cousins, who are minors, are living with them for the rest of this school year. The problem is that my parents are lapsed Catholics and my cousins are practicing Catholics. They want to go to mass on Sundays and my parents are only willing to take them sometimes.

I spoke to my mother about it. She was frustrated because now they (my cousins) believe they are in mortal sin for not fulfilling their Sunday obligation and didn’t go to communion the last time they attended mass. I told her this wasn’t so, because since mortal sin requires full consent of the will and the matter wasn’t in their hands, they haven’t committed mortal sin, but I told her that I thought it would be best to try to accommodate their obligations to whatever degree is possible. Their parents may have known that my parents don’t go to church, but they also knew that they were taking in two girls who do practice their faith.

My question then is the following. I have written an e-mail for the parish priest telling him the situation and asking if there are any youth groups in the parish that they might go to, so they can find someone to carpool with or any other arrangements to go to mass, also so they might hear from a person of authority that they are not in mortal sin. Here is the problem, however: I am not sure whether or not to send this letter. I do not want to overstep my parents by writing the priest directly (although my mother did express the wish to find a youth group for my cousins), I don’t know if it could be taken as me calling into question my parent’s capacity as my cousin’s temporary tutors and thus not honoring my mother and father. On the other hand I would not like for the faith of my cousins to wane or grow cold through lack of contact with the Church in part due to my inaction.

Any advice? :frowning:

You could ask your mom if it is okay with her to send the letter. If she approves, then you don’t have a problem. If she does not, ask her why she does not and try to work toward a resolution. If she isn’t comfortable with you contacting the priest, suggest that she does. It may end with her or both your parents coming back to the faith, which would be a beautiful thing. I will pray for you.

I would send it and try to do everything so that the cousins can get to Mass.
If your mom makes an issue out of this explain that you are trying to help because attending church is a serious thing. But she probably won’t because she expressed an interest in finding a solution as well.

It seems as though your cousins are in touch with you.

Why don’t you 1) Tell them to talk to a priest about missing Mass, and WHY they are missing Mass… and then talk as to whether or not they need to hit confession before their next time to Mass…

and 2) Tell them to ask the priest to assist them in some form of car pooling effort.

They are teens, they should actually be able to coordinate this sort of thing…

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