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I am sorry, but I have no idea where this post should go. Please forgive me, if it should be somewhere else.

The problem is related to a few very good members in our congregation, who are all legal residents (but not citizens yet) and who came from Mexico. They are very valued members, always kind and helpful. They are very active, too. The problem is that they are scared, due to the anti-Mexican sentiment. In their eyes the major factor in the very hostile rhetoric (invasion?) is that they are Catholic, and as such not part of the WASP (white-anglo-saxon-protestants) environment. We try to assuage their fright, but we are not very successful.

When they see the crowd chanting: “Shoot them!” they are really scared. When they see the crowd demanding: “Send them back!” they are uneasy, and rightfully so.

How can we help them? Any ideas?

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Speak with your Pastor and together work with the Immigration Office in your Diocese.

The Diocese will likely have people that can come to your parish and hold a meeting to address fears.

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Thank you, we shall try that. Here in the Bible Belt there is some residual hostility toward Catholics, too, (not just Mexicans) which compounds their fear. Remember the attitude of the KKK, which is against all the different people, Catholics, Jews, atheists, gypsies, and many more groups.

I hope that we can show them that we are not what some people used to be, but the episode of “Jews will not replace us” is not helpful.

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“O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven especially those in most need of Thy mercy, amen.”

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We still have an ongoing conversation about this subject in the congregation. No help from the hierarchy for the time being. Most people were astonished at the hostility expressed by Trump when it came to immigrants from south of the border, and especially from his supporters. One thing is certain. In the next election he will not get any support from this church.

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