Need Help with a Vice- SLOTH


I guess I never realized how often I don’t feel like doing anything especially work or responsibilities. I am working with a doctor on a bout of depression but I seriously have a lazy bug a lot. I do pray about it, but it is bad, like my brain and mind lock up and only wants to do the stuff that I feel like doing. Not very mature for an adult or fair to my employer or family. Would really appreciate some advice. I really need to make some improvements soon because I am getting into trouble-with finances and relationships. thanks.


There was much discussed about this in the spirituality forum. I started a thread over there on this very topic. Take a look if you want.


I struggle with that, too. It kind of caught me by surprise. I always thought my cross was the pretty typical one for healthy, single, 20-something guys. But no, it’s definitely sloth.

I’m overcoming it, though. My best advice is to BE active. You can’t sit around and wait for the spirit to move you to action, you have to ACT. Whatever it is, just DO it. Nothing is holding you back, and I guarantee, after just a little bit of action, you’ll snap out of the inertia. It might not last very long, but with practice, you can become productive and mentally healthier.

Good luck,


Just take a bunch of Ex-Lax, then you have to hurry up and get work done work because you wont have much time to waste. :thumbsup:


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