Need help with email

I don’t know if this is where I can post this question, but here it goes. Does anyone know of a way that you can tell if someone you sent an email to has opened that email? A friend of my sister told her that there is a way, but she forgot and can’t get a hold of this person. Please help!! Thanks.:smiley:

It depends what you’re using for email, but most services have a “read receipt” option where you get notification that a person has read the email. I used Outlook at home and when someone sends me one with a ‘read receipt’ it lets me know and asks me whether I want to send one. So the reader does have the ability (at least with Outlook) and NOT sending a read receipt even though one was requested.

EDIT: In Outlook, when I have a message open, I click View | Options and it’s towards the bottom.

Thanks. I have DSL bellsouth and looked in the options but didn’t see any “read receipt.” I don’t use outlook and don’t know how to or if I can. I am not good with computers. Thanks for your answer. I will ask hubby when I can and see if he knows where this read receipt option is.

i use Yahoo and from what i know it doesnt have that feature.

Just a little more info.

If you do send out an e-mail with a “read receipt” or “delete receipt” the reciever of the e-mail does not have to let this return receipt go back to you. I recieve “delete receipt” e-mails all the time from vendors and I rarely allow the receipt to be returned.

So you may never know if an e-mail has been opened or read.

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