Need help with home schooling


Hi everyone
I've made the decision to home school my oldest who will be ending grade six in June. Where can I get some supplies in Ontario? Math and Science books are my biggest well as french. Any other tips are appreciated too!!


My wife uses this and we make use of the local library.


I am homeschooling in Ontario. I do my own research and purchase my materials. Some from the US, some from Canadian stores online. Some good Canadian stores are:

You can read a lot about homeschooling and get great recommendations from the 4Real Learning Forums.

Feel free to PM me if you want to chat more!


Thanks, both of you, for your replies. Krista, I expect you'll be hearing from me, thanks for the offer. I never thought I would home school but it's come to that point for my oldest. I really hope I'm up to the challenge......going now to check out the above mentioned resources.


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