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hey all!

This probably shouldn’t bother me but I am in the process of becoming Catholic (I’ll be confirmed this year at Easter) and my husband is fine and doesn’t have a problem with it and is very supportive. But I would really like him to come to Mass with me sometime but he has no desire to.

Of course I would like for him to also become Catholic but I’m not going to pressure him at all to go to Mass or RCIA until he’s ready (which may be tomorrow or never), but I’m so afraid that he is lost because he says he doesn’t care if he goes to Hell and doesn’t think you have to go to church or read the Bible or do other things “related to religion” as he says.

I just don’t know what to do. I love him with all my heart and I want him to go to Mass with me just to see the beauty of the Church and all that it teaches. Like I said before, I know I don’t need to pressure him and I’m not going to, but do any of you have any suggestions as to how to help him see the Truth? I mentioned that I would like him to start praying the Rosary with me, as something that we can do together since we made that promise to each other a few months ago after we were in a tragic accident, and he said he would. So I know that is a start.

Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks for all your prayers and support!



Second, as someone who’s agnostic husband converted 8 years after she - my best advice is to pray and offer up sacrifices for your husband. Most importantly, be a walking talking loving laughing dancing advertisment of the Catholic Faith. Be salt and light, every day. If you allow the joy of Christ to shine from you, your husband - and others in your life - will be far more influenced than they will by stunning apologetics. They should look at you and think “man, I want what SHE has”.

Think about this, if every time you go to Mass, you sweetly ask “do you want to come along”? If he says no, you smile and give him a kiss and say “see you at 1:30”. When you come back from mass, you are smiling and singing and bubbling with joy, eventually he is going to want to go see what it is that is making you so happy.



When Scott Hahn came into the Catholic Church, and wanted to bring is wife with him, she resisted too. Debates and arguments rarely work with family. A priest told him to “romance her into the Church”. His wife is now a Catholic, and travels the country with him, and they work as a speaking team!

In addition to the invitation AngelRose suggests, just be a really sweet wife! :slight_smile:

And it’s totally appropriate to concern yourself with the state of your husband’s soul. We’re supposed to care about the people we love, and desire the best for them in all things. Especially our spouses and children.



I’d like to humbly add that if he agreed to pray the rosary already he’s going to have a lot of graces and that will definately help :thumbsup:


Um, not to put you down in any way, but if he is to pray the rosary without any meaning to it, it can be vain and repituous prayer, and that is a sin. Of course, he might feel something while praying that could help him see the light. :slight_smile:


That is what I am hoping will happen.


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