Need help with pride again


Anyone got any ways to help with pride? At this point the problem is a general perception of myself as being "awesome". I can comprehend that I'm not, and that all good is from the Lord, but I'm having trouble really accepting it. Right now pretty much all I've got is the litany of humility and asking the saints to pray for me.


The litany of humility is a wonderful prayer.

We all are struggling with pride, but this season is great for us to look at the life of Christ.

"The humility of the Word of God become flesh is for us a constant exhortation and a cure for pride," he stated. "His modest birth is an example for us."

This Christmas novena could also help you to meditate on Jesus and his humility.


oh, my


First ... thanks be to God that you are considering your pride and that it could be a problem. That is an awesome first step.

Agree with the Litany of Humility suggestion above. That prayer brings me to my knees.

I've been focusing on pride for the last couple of years. What works the best for me is to continually ask God to take my pride from me, and to show me my sins. Also spend some time meditating on pride and asking God to show you how deep it goes in your life. In my case, the answer I get is that it runs deep and is intertwined in nearly everything I do.

At that point, the only thing to do is look up at God and ask for help, because only he can unravel your pride. Don't be afraid to pray for humilty, but know that the only way to truly gain humility is to be humiliated. If you truly wish to combat pride in your life, I feel this is a necessary step. This is a tough step but don't be afraid.

Back to the first point - thanks be to God that you recognize this as an issue. This is IMO a huge step in spiritual development.


The Litany of Humility is a great prayer…last night after mass I shook the priests hands when leaving church and wished him a happy new year, the first time he ignored me and looked for the next person to speak to, I thought he did not hear me so I said it again and he still ignored me. I felt terrible the whole night because he was a visiting priest and I loved his sermon ( which included loving your neighbor and being a good christian) and I felt very insulted and slighted and it bothered me a lot. So this morning I said the Litany of Humility and I also prayed for him and for myself. I just didn’t want pride to take over with me and start thinking defensive bad thoughts. Now I feel ten times better. I say this prayer every day in the mornings

Another way of destroying pride is when saying your rosary in the sorrowful mysteries focus on the “crowning with thorns” decade. If Jesus can suffer through that kind of humiliation anything we go through is nothing.

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