Need help with RSV-CE selection

I am looking for a new RSV-CE Bible. For some reason it has been hard to locate a nice soft cover, genuine leather version.

Can anyone suggest an online bible store with a good selection of the RSV-CE. I have google’d it several times but the selection seems so limited.


Did you try amazon I think they have a bonded leather one And they have the compact ones.

EWTN Religious catalog has them as well.

I have this one and love it…

I have this one:

And I love it. The pages aren’t too thin and its a good size.

Genuine leather, not bonded or Pacific Duvelle?

Then this is what you’re looking for.


Thank you all so much

I have this one, too----and love it. Perfect size. Feels good in the hand. Hefty enough, yet easily manageable to hold while reading. Text is easy to read.

Ignatius also puts out a smaller, zipper version----only get that one if you can handle very tiny type.

The little one is easy to tote around, but I’d suggest just buying a zipped bible cover and getting the larger Ignatius bible—you will love it.

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