Need Help with Spiritual/Philosophical Confusion


Hate to post three times in a row but here it goes.

“Well, what’s you moral life like, might I ask? Sometimes our sins begin to obscure our faith when we indulge in them. It’s important for young men as well as anyone to stay away from sexual immorality. And being a teenage guy, that can be a hard thing. Make sure you keep going to confession. And keep yourself pure sexually.”

You then claimed not to be implying or insinuating anything. You specifically asked about his moral life in reference to sexual morality, urged him to keep going to Confession (which in and of itself is not a bad thing but it certainly does imply that you’re convinced his problem stems from sexual sins you assume he must be guilty of due to his age and gender, which you have no way of knowing at all). Then you admonished him to keep himself sexually pure. Your entire post was focused on sexuality and while I’m sure you had good intentions, it was more than clear you were already of the opinion that this young man’s intellectual/philosophical issues must be due to sins you assume he must be guilty of, and personally, I found it to be insensitive and very presumptuous. It was offensive enough that I felt then as I do now that I should say something. Again, I know you had good intentions, but at best your post may have embarassed him and may well not apply to him at all. Then you went back and said you weren’t implying or insinuating anything which clearly isn’t the case, and I think somewhere in the back of your mind you must know now that it was inappropriate because you felt the need to defend it.

I’m not trying to embarass you either, I just felt the need to point out that your post was offensive and unhelpful, despite your good intentions. I know it’s easy to try to help and end up doing more harm than good, and your post wasn’t as bad as someone else’s here, so I’m not trying to beat you up, just want you to see things from a different perspective… :slight_smile:


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