Need help with this

Hello all, I am sitting in the waiting room of my wife’s therapist right now. He was 15 min late so I looked him up on the Internet to find his number, and come to find out he is married but to another guy. It says he was married in 1970 in Canada, I was just wondering if we should stop seeing him? My wife really needs help and the crisis center recommended him, I think God let me see it the way he did for a reason. So any advice is appreciated, thank you.

Hi Brenden, I don’t think your wife should change therapists simply because the man is same-sex attract or even married to a man. Rather, does he assist your wife and provide her with help that is in keeping with our Christian worldview? Is he a Catholic therapist? Again, this might not be a big issue if indeed you find him to be an effective and moral therapist.

It’s a difficult issue. If he really helps your wife, there’s no reason to leave. A man cannot be deprived of business simply because he’s an open, public, and egregious sinner. Aren’t we all?

What you should think about is the fact that he may not actually help your wife in the long term because his worldview is so skewed. Who knows what he might start saying about God, religion, etc., if she happens to bring those up? I’d be wary.

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